Nathalie Lapointe

Gallery : Le Bourget

Birth : Nathalie Lapointe lives in the Lanaudière area of Québec.

Training : From an early age, Nathalie Lapointe expresses herself by drawing and watercolor to create landscapes born of her imagination. Her training in Fine Arts made her discover oil painting and different interpretations of figurative images. This is done in parallel with her teaching career when, in 2008, her artistic ideal became imperative, she decided to evolve as a professional painter.

Medium : Oil

Artistic approach : From the still visible white canvas, emerge urban scenes where each blow of spatula reveals its splendid and magnificent character. High in color and contrasts, the paintings of Nathalie Lapointe carry us in her transfigured universe.
Her stylistic process consists in opposing two contrasting actions in her pictorial space in order to put her idea in relief by a dual effect. Here, figurative painting is the antithesis of the canvas left bare.

Exhibitions : Several solo and collective exhibitions throughout Quebec since the early 2000s. The artist participated as well in several painting symposiums.

Association : Member of the Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec (CAPSQ);
Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec (AIBAQ);
Hexagone Lanaudière, ressources culturelles et patrimoniales;
Diffusion Art International, virtual gallery.

Awards : First choice of Artists at Arts Festival in Gatineau, 2013.
Honorable mention from a collective exhibition in Repentigny, 2011.
Journalists’ s Price from Journal of Citizens, Prévost Symposium, 2011.
Honorable Mention from Painting festival in Mascouche, 2011.

Media coverage : Chosen Artist by TRACES, Quebec’s cultural magazine, 2013.
Roussan Guide, 2010-2011.
Larousse modern and contemporary artists guide, 2011.